Stay away from our Sam you musically challanged dick!

Sam Stosur‘s impressive form is in danger of being overshadowed by her blossoming friendship with LMFAO front man, Redfoo. So he makes absolutely dickhouse music. No biggie. Shitty gimmick-based music is not a fresh stain our culture but you never saw the Scatman or Cotton Eye Joe encouraging our stars to embarrass themselves on the world stage.

It happened the first time as Stosur breezed through her U.S. Open Round Two match against Edina Gallovits-Hall. It was a genuine drop-what-you’re-doing, WTF moment when Redfoo was shown hanging with her entourage in the stands . Then came the ‘Stosur Shuffle’ and it was like ‘Get outta town!’. If it was left there, fine. It was glorious pop culture mash moment which no doubt fuelled plenty of water-cooler one liners such as ‘She let him in her box?’. No harm, no foul. But then the afroed king douche was there again, watching on as our Sammy defeated American Varvara Lepchenko in straight sets and proceeded launch into another cringe inducing shuffle. This time she was more assured, lapping up the applause but the ill advised jig only served to highlight how lucky she is that she’s a gun a tennis.

So Redfoo, three strikes and you’re out buddy. Stay away from our Sam or I’ll be over there all up in your grill before you can say ‘My shitty glasses don’t even have lenses’. And Sam, we love you but you ain’t no Serena Williams. That gurl got it goin’ on!

Photo: Julia Finney via Getty Images Sport