Sports Reporter Fired for Blunder Involving “Tremendous Amounts of Sex”

An oversexed overexcited US News Reporter has been fired from her job following a phrasing blunder. 

Crossing live from a Blackhawks’ NHL ice hockey play-off against Minnesota Wild, CSN Chicago correspondent Susannah Collins’ excitement was aroused when The Chicago Blackhawks came out on top. She then quipped that the Blackhawks had enjoyed ‘a tremendous amount of sex’ instead of ‘success’ in place of ‘sex’ which just seems like it should happen more often, no? The Internet then found it very humorous, though not so much for Susannah. She learned that maybe the old ‘sex sells’ philosophy isn’t applicable to reporting unless you’re doing this.
Update: Susannah has issued a statement on her glamour shot-laden website. Here it is: 
And the slip-up: