Some Big-Balled Human Apparently Tried To Kidnap Jamal Idris On Contiki

Even among other professional rugby players, Jamal Idris is a big dude. Like, proper staunch. 

This fact makes the knowledge he became the victim of an attempted kidnapping in Vietnam so much harder to process.

Idris, formerly of the Penrith Panthers, was in Ho Chi Minh City as part of a Contiki crew before becoming separated from the group; at this point, the story’s villains emerge. 

And they decided attempting to hustle the 25-year-old was a good idea. 

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Rugby League Week’s “The Mole” account took the news he was missing to Twitter this morning. 

7 News reported the would-be kidnappers attempted to extort large amounts of money from NRL heavyweight. After several tense hours, he managed to escape, before alerting family back in Australia.

Contiki were also able to confirm his safety.

Since then, the Australian Federal Police have become involved, and the Australian consulate in Vietnam advised him to get out of town, pronto. 

From that information, we can infer that Idris is probably returning home as we speak. It still leaves us totally bereft of explanation as to how those crims thought they could pull it off, though. 

Safe travels home, Jamal.

Source: Seven Sport. 
Photo: Instagram.