Socceroos Tie With FIFA #1 Germany In Nerve-Wracking International Friendly

Our boys the Socceroos have done us so bloody proud today, as Australia faced off against FIFA world number 1 Germany at an International friendly in Kaiserslautern. Australia valiantly TIED with Germany, in a nerve-wracking match seeing a final score of 2-2.


Germany, you’ll remember, is the team that won last year’s World cup, and a team that simply brought the then-home players Brazil to their knees in a historic 7-1 defeat. And here we have our own Socceroos, giving them a run for their money and drawing with them. So bloody proud. 

The match kicked off to an unhopeful start at around the 13 minute mark, as Germany’s Reus sailed in the first goal. But the ‘roos were far from done yet. 39 minutes in saw the absolutely stellar James Troisi levelling the score to 1-1.

We were in.

Minutes after half time saw Mile Jedinak bring another one home for Australia off a penalty free kick, putting the underdogs in the lead and our nerves on absolute edge. Fittingly, it was the Socceroo’s 1000th ever goal. 

Things were looking promising up until the 81st minute mark, where Australia conceded a goal to Lukas Podolski.

And that, essentially, was it. 

World number 63’s tying with the world champions? Ya done good, ‘roos. Ya done good. 

Via The Guardian.
Lead image by Daniel Roland via Getty.