Tell Us What Would Make You Take Up Golfing & We May Sling You $500 Dollarydoos

Just gonna say it: Putt Putt golf is golf.

For all those naysayers out there who say it’s not as “superior” as the OG golf, I present to you an almost identical golf club, a ball and a hole in the ground where the ball is supposed to go. It’s golf, people! While I’m clearly partial to a bit of Putt Putt on a Friday night, getting out onto a golf course isn’t something that my friends and I get around to much. 

However, if we wore matching houndstooth sets and had a caddie as cute as Troy Bolton in High School Musical 2 then perhaps we could be tempted. From the fun buggies to a day in the sunshine walking over rolling green grass, golf may actually be a nice day out and something to bring a whole heap of friends together. 

But that’s enough from me, we want to hear what golf means to you. 

Why do you like the sport? Are you hooked? What ‘fits do you wear for a day on the green? Why would you take it up?

Share your thoughts below for a chance to win a $500 Prezzee Smart eGift Card, available to use at a number of locations.