Sam Newman Sparks Calls For ‘Footy Show’ Boycott W/ Fkd Transphobic Display

Sam Newman has once again shown a brilliant display of ignorance on the AFL Footy Show, provoking the LGBTQI community and its allies to publicly call him out on social media, and push for players and clubs to boycott the show.

On last night’s post-Origin II show, the retired player-turned-presenter made comments about transgender celebrity Caitlyn Jenner during a segment which mocked up game day banners for the St Kilda Football Club, one which portrayed Jenner as Newman’s lookalike.
Co-host, Billy Brownless, asked Newman if he knew who Caitlyn is, to which Newman replied “I know who he…it is. I do.”

Newman followed up by saying “Oh well what is she? Is it a ‘he’ or a ‘she’? Still got the bloody…” before being cut off by Rebecca Maddern, who pointed out that Caitlyn is a woman.

The comments from Newman have been labelled as exclusionary and dehumanising to the transgender community, and people have called for clubs and players to boycott appearing on the show until an apology is issued, or Newman is removed from the panel.
A grassroots petition has also been created, calling for Newman to apologise and be taken off air. It’s still small, but hey, there’s time for it to grow into something powerful.

Newman’s comments are a massive step backwards for a code that recently nabbed awards for LGBTQI inclusivity and acceptance, coterie groups for LGBTQI supporters and players, and the introduction of the annual Pride Round.

Just about bloody time for a creative disposal of old mate, tbh.
Photo: Facebook / AFL Footy Show.