Police Release Photos Of Suspected Bottle-Throwing Gronks At Bulldogs Good Friday Game

NSW Police have gone full CSI, isolating crowd photos to zero in on loose units at the Bulldogs v Rabbitohs Good Friday game – where a contentious eleventh hour call against James Graham secured Souths a narrow 18-17 victory, enraging Bulldogs fans in its wake. 
As the whistle blew, Bulldogs supporters began to hurl empty bottles at officials and players – a move which caused an official to suffer a fractured shoulder blade after attempting to dodge mount franklin missiles. Photos have been released by NSW police, with calls for those pictured to come forward to authorities. Fines and a ban from the Sydney Olympic Park precinct may be on the table for any fan identified from the photos. 
Do you know these jerks? Contact Crimestoppers if you do.
Impressive handiwork. Forensics would be proud as hell.