Players, Fans Rally Behind Adam Goodes In Moving Display At SCG

As two of the country’s highest-circulating Saturday papers ran powerful front pages today in support of Adam Goodes, fans attending the Sydney Swans vs Adelaide Crows game at the SCG this afternoon have also seen an outpour of encouragement and support for the embattled AFL player.

Goodes’ recent attraction of boos by crowds has spurred a hugely divided national conversation, swelling to fever pitch this week. 

All eyes are on today’s game, especially after high-profile Australians, including Hugo Weaving, Cate Blanchett and Bill Shorten vocalised their support for Fairfax’s #IStandWithAdam campaign. 

A standing ovation during the 60 second countdown, and the Swans‘ incredibly powerful, one-worded banner has set the tone for a defiant game played in Goodes’ honour, marking today’s game as a moving moment in AFL’s history.

Fans showing support for Goodes descended on the SCG emblazoned with 37s – a gesture highlighting the stinging absence of Goodes on the Swans field today. 

The MA Noble and Bradman stands were rebranded as the Adam Goodes stands:

Also showing their support while wearing their Dreamtime guernseys last night, the Richmond Tigers displayed a bold banner to rally behind Goodes.

At the time of writing, Swans were smashing through the first quarter in a bold 23 point lead.

For Goodesy’s sake: CARN THE BLOODS.

Images by Cameron Spencer and Michael Dodge via Getty.