Cheeky Punter Halts Play During BBL Match To Do The Godddamn Fortnite Dance

Fortnite Dance

In truly wild scenes, a pitch invader – a rather cheeky one – has blessed crowds at the Gabba with a Fortnite dance during tonight’s Big Bash League clash.

The performance took place during the Brisbane Heat innings against the Melbourne Renegades and look, it was a bit of a giggle.

Even the Renegades’ Mohammad Nabi couldn’t help but have a chuckle.


Footage from the night shows the man running across the pitch, breaking into what appears to be the Shoot Dance from Fortnite, before dropping to the ground to beautifully perform the Worm. 

Unfortunately, the man was tackled quite savagely before he could finish but according to journo Clare Armstrong, the man copped a “big cheer as they lead him off the ground.” 

Catch the video below.

Yes, this is an incredibly wholesome streaker but any streaker – any – warrants a throwback to this iconic moment in Australian history.

This is never not funny.

Anywhoo, back to tonight’s clash. Poor Ben Cutting, of the Heats, took a bloody ball to the face after Marcus Harris sent it flying into the air. Cutting had been ready for the catch when the ball went straight through his hands and right into his face.

If you’re squeamish, now’s the time to look away.


However, as the Brisbane Heat later updated, Cutting is A-Okay.

“5 stitches and ready to go! Passed concussion test.” 

Just your average day on the pitch.

At the time of writing, the Renegades need 2 runs off 27 balls to take the win.