Paolo Di Canio Likens An FA Cup Victory To Sex With Madonna

Swindon manager and former West Ham striker Paolo Di Canio must really like winning. Or not at all, I cant tell? Reminiscing about the 2001 strike that sent Manchester Utd packing from the FA Cup, Di Canio predicted that defeating his former side would be just as sweet. “When I scored against United it was very exciting to look around and see 9,000 people celebrating away from home,” Di Canio said. “Sending Manchester United out was amazing. It was like having sex with Madonna and beating Villa as a manager would be just as good.”

With Swindon slugging it out in Division One, victory over the Premier League heavyweights would be one for the underdogs. Pressed as to whether victory over the Hammers might actually surpass a night with the Material Girl, Di Canio responded “Better than having sex with Madonna? Let me try it and I will give you an honest answer.” Eww! Madge can keep making music as long as she likes but maybe it’s time we retire the 54 year-old mother of 4 (2 biological) as a universal sex symbol. Just a suggestion…

5 things that are better than having sex with Madonna
1. A brisk early morning walk.
2. Buying a good cup of coffee.
3. Cooking a souffle that holds its shape out of the oven.
4. Watching a movie. (That doesn’t star Madonna)
5. Not having sex with Madonna.

Passionate West Ham fan David Brent believes his team has the goods on Swindon.

Di Canio doin’ like Madonna.

Via Metro Sport

Pictures by David Becker & Richard Heathcote/Getty Images