Ballsy Snooker Player Gets Naked For Media After Winning World Title

There’s nothing better than a person who does what they say they will. People who don’t pike when they say they want to have beers next week or who do actually turn up naked to the press conference after they won the World Snooker Championship like they said they would. People like Mark Williams.

Mark Williams, 2018 world snooker champion, was an outsider. He hadn’t won a ranking title in six years. He was considering giving up entirely, only just convinced by his wife to give it another bash. Last week he pledged to do the press conference fully nude if he won, as long as promoter Barry Hearn wasn’t going to “fine [him] or discipline [him]“.

Sure enough, Williams managed beat opponent John Higgins, something he himself marvelled at:

It’s an unbelievable story really. Two months ago I was thinking about chucking it in and here I am now, bollock naked, doing an interview having just won the 2018 world championship, beating John Higgins 18-16. Where’s it come from?

Williams tactically opted to preserve his dignity by employing a towel to mask his more sensitive parts as he walked to the table, but followed through by removing it once he sat down. What a champ:

I don’t know enough about snooker to interpret for you the circumstances or specifics of the game that lead to his victory in a way that wouldn’t sound incredibly forced and likely very incorrect but, I can assure you, he sure hit those balls better than the other guy, then he got naked. Bloody legend.