NRL Finals: Sea Eagles vs Cowboys Live Blog

Live from Allianz Stadium we have the Manly Sea Eagles vs North Queensland Cowboys! Manly were premiership favorites coming into the finals but a bruising defeat against the Bulldogs last week but an end to that talk while the Cowboys hit Sydney with a dismal away record that looks to be on the up and up. 7:45. It begins.

7:47 – King Wally be going for the Cowboys… typical Queenslander.

7:52 – I’m in the company of some pretty vocal Nth QLD supporters so I’ll try and keep the anti-QLD sentiment to a bare minimum.

7:54 – “Advanced hair! Yeah, yeah!” It’s only a matter of time for Matty Bowen.

7:55 – Kick off!

7:57 – Jamie Lyon survives first touch while Watmough drops the ball on his.

7:59 – First penalty against the Cowboys. Eloquently described as bullshit.

8:01 – On the back of the ‘bullshit’ penalty, Manly have capatalised with a try in the corner to Michael Oldfield. Jamie Lyon’s tap down from the kick sets the try up. But he misses the sideline conversion Sea Eagles:4 – Cowboys:0

8:04 – Pressure maintained with a Matty Bowen knock on when fielding kick.

8:08 – Manly looking the goods with a Michael Oldfield run-away but Matty Bowen puts a cork in that.

8:13 – Daly Cherry-Evans belted by Gavin Cooper. Just a burner I’m told. That’s better than a displaced bone if you’re wondering. “Yep, thats just a burner.”

8:15 – Sea Eagles:6 – Cowboys:0

8:16 – “Shut the gate!” Oh Rabs. You know how to make me hot. Jorge Tafua puts Brett Stewart under the posts. Sea Eagles:12 – Cowboys:0

8:19 – The Cowboys are down on confidence and I’m down on luck as the simple act of not being a Cowboys fan is shaping to be detrimental to my health and wellbeing.

8:28 – Ok, I was overreacting when I implied my safety was in danger but people sure are being nicer to me now the Cowboys are on the board. James Tamou shows a the kind of nimble footwork that saw him step around origin eligibility rules to plant down near the posts. Thurston slots it over. Sea Eagles:12 – Cowboys:6

8:31 – Rab’s is talking involvement ratios. Tell me what that means and we’ll both know.

8:35 – Repeat sets for the Cowboys. Looking dangerous.

8:38 – And’s it half time. Sea Eagles:12 – Cowboys:6

8:44 – Where my Manly supporters at? Not at Alliance Stadium that’s for sure. Can’t be more than 15 000 crowd surely.

8:54 – And we’re back! Sea Eagles:12 – Cowboys:6

9:01 – Thurston cuts out to Antonio Winterstein and into the corner. The Manly second half capitulation is in full swing. Thurston lands the goal. Sea Eagles:12 – Cowboys:12

9:02 – Toovey is B.L.O.W.I.N.G U.P Fair point as a knock-on leading up to the previous try should have been a penalty to Manly but I’m not going to say that aloud.

9:08 – Jorge Tafua shows pretty good ball skills after running over Ashley Grahem and planting it down in the corner. Jamie Lyon misses the conversion from the sideline.Sea Eagles:16 – Cowboys:12

9:14 – Jonno Thurston puts his hand up for the Oscar for leading man in penalty milk and then kooks it up a couple of plays later with a miss directed cut-out over the sideline.

9:20 – A Manly knock-on from Kieran Foran is ignored for the most ridiculous try of the year. Thrurson’ blowing up. Gus is packing it in, and I’m glad the TV is not mine. Shiiiiiit.Sea Eagles:22 – Cowboys:12

9:24 – “It was Foran’s hand Gus. How many times do I have to agree with you.” Even Rab’s is blowing up.

9:29 – o’l neck-brace Tate bombs a certainty!

9:35 – Cowboys going for the Hail Mary’s while I’m saying them. Exit strategy.

9:37 – Daly Cherry-Evans has a tramp stamp!

9:42 – Fulltime! Sea Eagles:22 – Cowboys:12Plenty of chat coming out of this one. At least we’ll have something to write about tomorrow. Thanks for tuning in.