Intranational Man Of Mystery Nelly Yoa Was Somehow At The Brownlows

Alleged professional sportsperson Nelly Yoa made a surprise appearance at the Brownlows last night, according to a report in the Herald Sun.

That he was present was not so secret, having posted both a photo and a video to his own Twitter account:

He was even papped with Alastair Clarkson:

His claim that he was “invited“, however, is apparently up for debate. According to the Herald Sun, Yoa told security that he was there as a guest of Majak Daw, who, it turns out, was not actually invited to the event. The Herald Sun goes on to report that he ‘snuck off’ while security was verifying his claims, hiding in a toilet before ultimately being found and summarily banned from Crown Casino.

The AFL told the Herald Sun that they would be reviewing their security following the incident.

Yoa is denying this characterisation of events, claiming to have an email inviting him to the awards, although he did not present this email to the Herald Sun. We only know one thing for certain: he looks great in that suit.