Mundine Vs Green FB Streamer Nears $2K In Donations For Possible Legal Fees

Last night’s blockbuster fight between Danny Green and Anthony Mundine may not have been the biggest bout of the evening, and Brisbane bloke Darren Sharpe seems to know that fact all too well. 

After Sharpe made the call to share footage of his Foxtel pay-per-view package via a public Facebook Live stream, drawing tens of thousands of viewers in the process, a representative of the pay-TV monolith asked him to cut it the hell out. 

This morning, Foxtel announced it’ll be looking into “appropriate legal action” against Sharpe for effectively giving punch-drunk Aussies a free pass to the event. In turn, Sharpe set up a GoFundMe page to cover any legal expenses he may incur. 

Welp, guess the hell what: it’s already raised very nearly $2,000.

If you split that up by the $59.95 PPV cost, 30 people would have been able to legally catch the fight. That’s a fair few digits of difference from the six-figure number of total viewers Sharpe drew last night, but hey.
In a post to Facebook – a platform he really seems quite fond of – Sharpe said he “didn’t think this would blow up but it did, I only wanted a few friends that couldn’t afford the event to watch my feed but guess that exploded 0-100 real quick.”

As for Foxtel itself, Sharpe says there’s been “no contact from the provider but i wouldn’t mind another conversation to settle any issues.”  

If this one doesn’t make it to court, Sharpe has pledged to push any donations towards the Cancer Council.

Obviously folks, you shouldn’t play around with this nation’s IP laws, but if you do – and escape the legal banhammer of the content’s originator – make sure to chuck your proceeds to charity, hey?

Source: GoFundMe.
Photo: Morne de Kierk / Getty.