Minted Mayweather Tops The Forbes Top 100 Sports Earners

In another bourgeois list designed to reinforce how insignificant we really are in the scheme of things, Forbes has released the 100 highest paid sporting stars for 2011-2012.

Topping the list is US Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr who earned $85million for less than two hours worth of ring time across his two fights this year. A key factor in Mayweather’s rise to the top is his hands on approach to the business side of his career. Acting as his own promoter through Mayweather Promotions, he also collects revenue from ticket sales, pay-per-view, and sponsorship which means he earns up to 50% more than rivals including the second placed Manny Pacquiao who has to make do with $56 Million.

Legendary pants man and part time golfer, Tiger Woods‘ ten year reign at the top has ended as he slid down to 3rd with $59.4 million. Despite being unable to reclaim the form that established him as a ‘once in a generation’ player, Nike has maintained their strong ties contributing $55 million in endorsements. Infidelity – Just do it. With that kind of cheese, just do anything.

Maria Sharapova is the only female to make the top 50 coming in at 26th place proving that the sporting field has a fair way to go before it can be a considered an equal opportunities work environment. And that’s not a socialistic whine as sporting incomes should reflect the revenue they generate. As such, the interest in Women’s Tennis should equate to equal prize money across the Grand Slams. Just saying.

NFL players accounted for the most spots while NBA stars also featured with LeBron James topping stars in a team sport at 4th with $53 million. Soccer (this is a US study) stars also polled prominently with David Beckham defection to the boonies, i.e. Major League Soccer USA, still paying dividends as he came in 8th with 46 million. And hitting his earnings for six, Indian Cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni comes in 31st with $26.5 million.

The things I would do with that kind of money…