The latest instalment of The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Margaret Court unfolded last night, when the former grand slam champ copped a grilling from the team on The Project

The 74-year-old, who has taken a public stance against marriage equality, appeared on the show to defend her position, and things got fairly heated, as the hosts became increasingly frustrated and eventually cut her off. 
The fallout from Court’s Project appearance continues today, and it seems she’s not altogether happy with how it all went down, and has complained about the “disrespectful” treatment she received. 
Court, who once wrote an open letter condemning fellow tennis player Casey Dellacqua for becoming a lesbian parent, has come to the realisation that she does not enjoy being bullied for how she chooses to live her life, telling the Herald Sun

“It’s below the belt stuff really, we have freedom of speech, but I think it’s sad they don’t have a lot of respect for people or what they’ve done or who they are. They just laugh because they want it their way.”

She also took a swipe at host Waleed Aly, saying:

“He tried to cut me off, I said no, you’re not listening, you’re just making fun. I pray for our nation, I still love representing my nation.”

In a way, this situation is the best thing that could have happened to Margaret Court. 

Rather than spend her golden years (literally) preaching to the converted at her evangelical church in Perth, she gets to loudly and publicly play the victim, a role she has already taken on with gusto, telling The Project

“We are getting persecuted; we are getting bullied because we do have free speech also. It’s very, very much one-way. I think it’s very sad that they’re bringing my tennis into it. This is why I say it’s becoming a bullying from the homosexual, gay side of people; they are now bullying us.”
Source: Herald Sun.
Photo: Vince Caligiuri / Getty.