I am absolutely heartbroken to announce that Pig, the 320-kilogram dugong that lives at Sydney Aquariumdid not accurately predict the outcome of Origin game two (the dumbass aquatic mammal predicted a tie lol, what an idiot).

I am, however, absolutely thrilled to announce that WE HAVE A BLOODY CONTEST ON OUR HANDS. 

Coming in with an extremely last minute 16-18 win, Queensland have put themselves back into the picture for the 2017 State of Origin, all thanks to a beautifully executed conversion from Johnathan “My Husband” Thurston.

Straight out of the gate this felt like a much closer game than last time’s crushing defeat of the Queensland side, with Holmes scoring a try for the Maroons around the 9-minute mark, followed closely by a try to Hayne for the Blues only a few minutes after.

Things started to look a bit dicier for Queensland later on in the second half, with a try to Morris at 24 minutes and a try to Pearce shortly after.

Heading back onto the field at 16-6, things didn’t feel too good for Queensland, but 15 minutes later, in comes Gagai (beautiful Gagai), sailing over the try line out of basically bloody nowhere.

Sitting at 16-12 for what feels like an eternity, Gagai manages to slip over again, leaving the game at a draw at the 78th minute, pending a conversion from Thurston.

Obviously, I never doubted for a second, and Queensland’s most perfect son launched the ball straight through in a glorious, heavenly arc.

Now, if you don’t mind:


Photo: Getty Images / Cameron Spencer.