LeBron James Has A Massive (Championship) Ring

The Miami Heat opened their season on Tuesday night with their 2011-2012 World Championship ring presentation, proving that there is bling and then there is jewelery that’s the size of a plum. Flashing the audacious piece of jewelry via Twitter, the ring not only dwarfs LeBron James’ fingers but also the steering wheel of his car. Any piece of jewelry the requires the wearer to bend at the knees when putting it on is a little excessive, but that’s just my opinion.

The comfort one must feel upon receiving a gift that can be exchanged for a small island didn’t take the edge of the white-hot Heat who outclassed the the Boston Celtics 120-107. In other games the Cleveland Cavaliers def Washington Wizards 94-84 and the Dallas Mavericks def the La Lakers 99-91.

Picture by Chris Trotman/Getty Images