Lance Armstrong Forced To Pay Back Millions In Tour De France Bonuses

When we last heard from good choices-maker Lance Armstrong, he was in trouble for letting his girlfriend take the heat after he hit a parked car on an icy road
The disgraced former cyclist and his legal troubles are in the news yet again, but this latest round are likely to cost a lot more than a busted-up fender and a bruised ego.
Per Bleacher Report, an arbitration panel in Texas has awarded a US $10 million judgement in favour of sports insurance company SCA Promotions, who were suing Armstrong for a bonus they paid him after one of his now-discredited Tour de France victories. 
Armstrong has been fighting the company for more than a decade. In 2004, they withheld his bonus payment over allegations performance enhancing drug use. He denied the claims at the time, and they were forced to pay him US $7.5 million.
In 2013, when Armstrong’s drug use was exposed, SCA sued him for fraud, attempting to reclaim their initial settlement, along with a hefty serving of lawyers’ fees, because holiday houses don’t bloody well pay for themselves.
According to SCA, Armstrong has already indicated that he will refuse to pay the US $10 million; in order to collect, the arbitration panel have turned their ruling over to a Texas court to turn the settlement info a final judgement.
Assuming it goes ahead, the settlement will be “the largest award of sanctions assessed against an individual in American judicial history.” We almost feel bad for the guy. Almost.

Photo via Getty Images Handout