Power Coach Ken Hinkley Is Bloody Furious At The AFL After *That* Goal

In his post match presser, Port Adelaide coach Ken Hinkley got extremely fired up about *that* goal by Adelaide’s Josh Jenkins in tonight’s clash at Adelaide Oval. You no doubt would’ve seen Jenkins’ match-winning goal in the final minutes of the game – a goal some people, including Jenkins, believes brushed the post.

Reviewed by video, the goal was still signalled giving the Crows a two-point lead despite the hordes of footy fans instantaneously swarming Twitter to debate it. The score was suddenly 95 to 93 with just two and a bit minutes to go.

A late point to the Crows sealed the deal at the final whistle, 13.18 (96) to 14.9 (93).

Hinkley absolutely came down on the umpire’s decision calling it a “massive failure by the AFL”.

“The AFL, in a billion-dollar industry, can wreck seasons for football clubs that work too hard.”

Hinkley went on to say the AFL should be “embarrassed” and “disappointed” by their decision.

“[The AFL] will come out and say they got it wrong.

“But the technology should change that. The technology should have made sure that this monumental mistake in a football season should not have appeared.”

Meanwhile, Jenkins was veeeerrrrrrrrrryyyyyy honest in his post match interview which really sparked the fury from Power fans on Twitter.

Jenkins told Fox Footy in a brilliant display of honesty:

“My grandma raised me not to tell fibs. I think it hit the post but I’m pretty happy they didn’t think so.” 

What a quality lad.

As for Crows coach Don Pyke: “When you win by under a goal, I always say there’s a bit of luck involved … but you take it when you get it.”

Well, there you go.

The footage is just a tad blurry but you can judge the goal for yourself, below:

(Hot Spot would be fab in this situation.)