Jarryd Hayne Wears Mic For Entire 49ers Game, Hypes Himself Up Like A Gun

The Hayne Plane has landed his very own NFL mic’d up video – as the San Francisco 49ers have released footage of Hayne’s on-field commentary during the team’s shambolic run at the Green Bay Packers over the weekend. 

It’s a fascinating—albeit fleeting—insight into Hayne’s performance on the field as one of the NFL’s greatest emerging talents, as he comments on the unfolding game: churning out DOZENS of ‘muricanised c’mon babys to the 49ers, interspersed with ‘strayan observations on drone camera rigs -“they got them in Australia too” (but adding, “who just thinks of that? Silicon Valley, I guess”), while also defending his knowledge of the game despite being a rookie: “Rules are rules, man. I may be from Australia, but I know ’em.”

Also shown is Hayne’s reaction to Jeff Janis‘ contentious body contact while Hayne received a fair punt: “Aye! Are you serious?”

While Hayne might not be having the same run as the debut that had the international media absolutely captivated by the underdog Australian that could, Hayne reiterates in the mic’d up session: “Still learning, baby, still learning.”

And now, this footage only means one thing: we’re closer than ever before to seeing the nation’s favourite NFL star featured in a glorious NFL Bad Lip Reading. :’) :’)

Fox Sports.
Lead image by Doug Pesinger via Getty.