Incredible Photos Of Bernard Tomic Being A Toolie on The Gold Coast Presented Without Commentary

…and we lied. Some comments.

– Let it be clear that Bernard Tomic is from the Gold Coast anyway and that his presence at Schoolies is just a coincidence.
– Dat side tilt.
– Shirtlessness.
– The venue is called Sin City The Nightclub, not to be confused with Sin City the movie, or Sin City the thing that people call Las Vegas sometimes.
– What the shit is even going on here? Did some overzealous MC with a face like a melted candle stop the music and announce to everyone that Bernard T is in the house y’all and we are about to do something ke-razy right now- Jimmy get us a chair! – and could we please get two special young ladies to approach the stage and show Bernard HOW. WE. DO – Sin City style – and that four vodka red bulls are yours if you want them? Because we really hope that’s whats happened. 
– Motorboat.
– Pat Rafter’s face right now.
– That is all.
Images via Sin City Facebook
Swag juice via Bernard Tomic