GWS Giants Staff Are Cooking 1000s Of Meals For Folks Struggling In Western Sydney’s Lockdown

GWS Giants

What do we need right now amidst all this COVID outbreak chaos? Wholesome news. And I’ve got a truckload of wholesome coming right at you, so get ready. It involves a footy team, thousands of meals, and helping out the Western Sydney community. I told you, just really nice things.

AFL team the GWS Giants, usually based out of Western Sydney, have been holed up in Melbourne since June for, well, obvious reasons. This means their kitchen staff, who are usually busy making meals for scores of hungry tall footy players, have a little less work on their plates.

So last week the footy club launched the ‘Giant Hand’ initiative, which will see staff cook up 1000 meals a week to deliver to households in the Western Sydney community over the coming weeks. All the meals will be cooked and packaged up by GWS peeps in the footy club’s facilities at Olympic Park.

GWS Giants
A GWS staffer packs meals in a meeting room. Credit: GWS Giants

These are the people currently living under the harshest NSW lockdown conditions right now, due to the ongoing COVID outbreak situation that has hit this area particularly hard. It’s safe to say that many of these families are struggling to cope, so this initiative couldn’t come at a better time.

The GWS Giants have teamed up with Multicultural New South Wales to help roll out the plan, with the contactless deliveries being made by Giants staff as well as local schools and organisations including Campsie LAC Police, the Lighthouse Community Support Network and the Addison Road Community Organisation. 

Hell, there’s even some GWS players, who are in Sydney for injury rehab, pitching in to help pack boxes. Did I not tell you this was fkn wholesome???

GWS Giants
GWS Giants players / human angels Lachie Keeffe (L) and Matt Flynn (R) get to work packing boxes for delivery. Credit: GWS Giants

Ali Faraj, Head of Community at GWS Giants, said in a statement: “A lot of people in Western Sydney are doing it really tough at the moment and as an organisation we’ve always been very aware of the role we can play in the community to support those most vulnerable.

“We know of a lot of people who, for various reasons, who are struggling to put food on the table for their families right now, which is why we’ve devised this initiative.”

The ‘Giant Hand’ deliveries will run for at least the next month, but will be extended when and if they’re needed. But let’s manifest that COVID case numbers go down and restrictions ease by then, shall we?