A US Champion Boxer Just Embarrassingly Spat The Dummy Live On TV After Losing To An Aussie

george kambosos jr teofimo lopez

A now-former world champion boxer just spat the dummy and acted like a sore loser live on TV after an Aussie underdog beat him and became the new world champion.

Sydney-based professional fighter George Kambosos Jr was labeled the underdog in his match against reigning world champ Teófimó López at Madison Square Garden, New York today. But, in a pure David v Goliath tale, Kambosos Jr ended up beating López with a final scorecard of 115-111, 113-114, 115-112.

Aussies absolutely winning at international competitions (and having amazing comebacks) is something we always love to see. What happened next, however, we do not.

During Kambosos Jr’s post-match interview, López embarrassingly stepped into frame and declared that he won.

“I won tonight,” he said.

“Man, everybody knows that. The referee raised my hand. I won tonight.”

In the words of Dakota Johnson, actually, López, that’s not the truth. The defeated 24-year-old, who at this point looks like his face was attacked by a horde of bees, then continues to double down on his claim.

“Look, I ain’t no sore loser,” López added while acting like one.

“I take my wins like I take my losses… At the end of the day, I love you all and I won this fight.”

At this point, two-time world champion Jessica McCaskill said the crowd who had been cheering him on then turned on López and began booing at him, via News.com.au.

When the reporter asked López if he thought it was a fair fight, the former world champion said he won by 10-2. If you look at the actual scorecard, however, the results show that that claim couldn’t be further from the truth.

FYI, for those who don’t know how professional boxing works, fighters compete in 12 rounds and three judges rank the fighters in each round by scores of 10. The winner is scored ten points and the loser can get up to nine points, and they need a majority of scores to win.

According to two of the judges, López lost eight of the 12 rounds the pair fought in. From that, his attempt at a Kanye West v Taylor Swift at the VMAs moment is now even more embarrassing.

“You’re delusional”, Kambosos clapped back.

“Listen, I got the belts, I won the fight. Look at your face.

“But I gave you respect. I came here, I gave you the respect in the ring and I won the fight.

“Take it like a champ. Move on. We can do it again in Australia in front of 80,000 people.”

Side note: I would like to see it.

Since the interview, López has been absolutely clowned online by fans and fellow renowned boxing champions.

“When Teofimo looks in the mirror and watches this fight, he is going to know he was a beaten man in a fantastic fight”, former American professional boxer Sergio Mora said on online sports network DAZN via News.com.au.

You can watch the full cringe-worthy moment below at around 6:50 onwards.