Football Titans Liverpool FC All But Confirmed To Visit Sydney For 1st Time

They’ve won the Champions League five times. They’ve toured Australia twice. They’ve… not won the Premier League. Yet. But English juggernauts Liverpool Football Club are finally in talks to play an exhibition match in Sydney. 

The Australian reports the storied club is all but set to face off against Sydney FC at ANZ Stadium next month, following the end of the Reds’ domestic season.
If that plan comes to fruition, Liverpool will notch their third visit Down Under after a v. successful Melbourne venture in 2013, and huge games in Brisbane in Adelaide in 2015. 

It’s believed the Western Australian government has also put its hand up at the possibility, but it appears much more likely the gang will head east this time around.

It’ll also be the first time manager / bespectacled nutter Jurgen Klopp leads his troupe to the Antipodes, and the man’s gesticulations will probably be worth the cost of admission alone.

Local audiences can expect to see newcomers like Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane for the first time in person, along with club mainstays Jordan Henderson, Phillippe Coutinho, and Daniel Sturridge. 

Currently, Liverpool sit third on the Premier League table, with an easy-on-paper run through to the final seven games of the season. If all things go their way, Sydney may just welcome the champions of England.

Source: The Australian.
Photo: Mike Hewitt / Getty.