Father Bob Is ‘Devastated’ By The Eddie McGuire Thing (Not The Racism, Just Him Quitting)

father bob eddie mcguire collingwood

It brings me great sadness to inform you all that Father Bob, Australia’s favourite priest, has sadly decided to voice his public support for Eddie fkn Mcguire of all people.

McGuire, who has a long history of being racist, homophobic and misogynistic and somehow getting away with it, finally stepped down from his role as Collingwood Football Club president yesterday after an explosive investigation into the club revealed the full extent of their severe racism problem.

Sure, it was a bit of a bummer if you were a Pies fan who liked Eddie, but do you know what’s a lot more sad? Racism. Homophobia. Misogyny. All the stuff Eddie put people through during his 20-something year stint as president. That’s the bit that’s really sad.

But Father Bob – who is generally a morally good human being, as far as I can see – took to Twitter to announce his devastation in the situation.

No, not the racism, just the fact that Eddie finally quit.

“I’m devastated after today’s announcement by Broady boy and fellow CBC St Kilda, Eddie McGuire, with being dishonoured and disrespected. He and the club have never left anyone behind. Side By Side we stick together, call if you need,” he tweeted following the announcement.

Personally, I think it’s a bit rich to say that Eddie and the club have “never left anyone behind.” I mean, without even really digging into the club’s long history of racism too much, Heritier Lumumba’s name already comes to mind as somebody who was left behind by the club.

And sure, I can understand that it’s probably not a good week for Eddie, and that his mental health right now likely isn’t in tip-top shape. But to publicly side with the man who has been instrumental in making others’ lives a living hell through systemic racism in the club is simply not a vibe right now.

Countless social media users have flocked to the replies to tell him that he should rethink his words.

At this point, Eddie McGuire has made his bed, and made it again, and made it again. And now that his stint at Collingwood is up, he has a long time ahead of him to sleep in it.

It’s really disappointing to see Father Bob on the wrong side of this one.