Ultimate GOAT Dylan Alcott Necked Beers From A Water Bottle In Post-Match Interviews

dylan alcott beer water bottle

Dylan Alcott is already proving himself to be a true Australian Of The Year after he did the old sneaky trick of filling a water bottle with beer for his post-match interviews on Thursday. True king shit.

Following his last-ever competitive tennis match on Thursday arvo, Dylan was spotted around the grounds doing the classic ressies footy play so he could neck a frothy discreetly. Well, it would have been discreet if it wasn’t in a completely see-through bottle.

Credit where credit’s due, the legend took his big bottle of brew around with him to multiple post-match interviews, and even specifically addressed it in his official Australian Open press conference.

“I poured three beers in here,” Dylan said in the presser.

“Because I could only fit — it’s a litre and a beer is only 330mls. Shout out to Young Henry’s.”

Dylan also let slip that next Thursday (February 3rd) will be the inaugural Dylan Alfroth Day, where his major piss sponsor, Young Henry’s, will be donating a portion of cash for every beer sold to the Dylan Alcott Foundation. Bloody cheers to that.

Absolutely stellar performance here from Dylan. Like, sure he might not have gotten the choccies against Sam Schröder on the court in the final, but he’s absolutely knocked it out of the park with his post-match efforts.

If he wasn’t already cemented as the GOAT of the Open (and all our hearts), then this had definitely driven that one right home for him.

In the same official press conference, Dylan read out a text he got from Andy Murray mere moments after it lit up his phone.


“I hope he doesn’t mind this, but Andy Murray just messaged me,” he said, before quoting the text.

“‘I don’t know if I’ve articulated it that well, but you’re an absolute rockstar and an inspiration. Thanks for everything that you’ve done.’

“That’s… that kills me. That makes me wanna cry.”

Dylan then said he “never thought that would happen” and teared up, making me immediately want to piss tears.

Here’s cheers to you, Dyl. Love you ya fucken legend.