Doofus Runner Celebrates Way Too Early, Pays For It

Basic fundamental of sport – never stop going until the race is over. Don’t slow down. Don’t ease up. Keep pushing right through the tape. Otherwise you run the risk of your own hubris making you look like a bit of a dill.

Tanguy Pepiot – a college athlete competing for the University of Oregon – found that out the hard way.
Competing at the Pepsi Team Invitational over the weekend, the Oregon runner was streaking to the finish line of the steeplechase with a fairly handy lead. Thinking it a comfortable enough distance, old mate started celebrating the win just a shade too early. Enter, Washington‘s Meron Simon.

Let’s see that again is super slow-mo animated GIF form!
In Pepiot’s defence, he’s not even remotely close to the first sportsperson to get caught up in their own premature victory celebrations. Hell, his probably wouldn’t even crack the top ten worst of all time.

Let this be a lesson to you, kids. Always run through the tape.