David Attenborough Narrating Curling Is The Best Thing To Come Out Of Sochi

For the betterment of mankind, the internet and our ability to enjoy the most made up sport that has ever existed, BBC Radio 1 enlisted Sir David Attenborough to apply his distinctive brand of unadorned nature commentary to the tedious world of curling, what we common folk know as icy broomy bowls.  

“In all my years of exploration, these are the creatures I find most curious,” Sir David says of the event. “For the first time ever, filmed over the course of three afternoons in deepest Russia using state of the art cameras, this is curling.”
Pretty similar, right? But instead of “How on earth did they get that shot? Did some cameraman hide in a cave for three months” – it’s more like “How on earth are these people’s gold medals made from the same stuff as Usain Bolt’s?”