Papa Attenborough’s Voice Comes To Netflix In The Beaut ‘Our Planet’ Teaser

Humans are boiling the planet, we’ve eliminated 60% of vertebrate wildlife in just 50 years, and on top of that, aliens may have already clocked our species-wide stupidity and judged us unfit for existence. 

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On the plus side, Sir David Attenborough has narrated yet another celebration of Earth, permitting us to wonder at the planet’s majesty once more before we figuratively and literally cook it.

The first teaser for Our Planet, the new big-scale nature documentary series from Netflix, arrived this morning, teasing a look at some of awe-inspiring wildlife still roaming the joint.

Birds twitch and dance, herds cross the plains like the murmurations of starlings, and yes, whales glide through the oceans like holy and precious envoys from a world too perfect for human comprehension.

Except, they are from Earth, which we guess is the point of the series: we really gotta protect this, folks.

Yes, Sir David only says five words in the teaser, and one of them is “Netflix”, but please do not let this distract you from the fact that at age 92, he’s still remarkably generous with the gift of his voice.

Our Planet will premiere on April 5. Have a peek below: