Dane Swan, Sesh Lord, Is Crowdfunding $3M To Cover Legal Costs Of His Next Bender

Dane Swan

The Israel Folau crowdfunding furore has been raging for a week, and while Aussies have been busy debating every viewpoint, pour one out for former AFL gun and current sesh lord Dane Swan, who has simply taken the idea of crowdfunding to a new level of selfish.

[jwplayer wqe0X5mC]

In what appears to be some kind of ad campaign for Sportsbet, Dane has released a video asking the people of Australia to donate $3 million to his GoFundMe to cover the costs of a Las Vegas bender.

In the video tweeted by Sportsbet, the 35-year-old former Collingwood star and 2011 Brownlow Medallist says:

As Australians, we are born with the right to freedom of expression. I believe it is my duty, as a servant of the sesh, to set the standard of the circuit through Instagram and Snapchat. The last three-day bender I went on put a strain on me financially. Whilst I can’t remember much of it, I was told it was pretty exxy.

He goes on to outline just what the $3 million will be used for: flights, a room at the Bellagio, and several censored out words that we can probably hazard a guess at, including a “big pile of [bleep]”. He then says the remainder of the cash will cover “any legal costs” from the fallout of his trip.

In a clear dig at Folau, Dane adds:

I am truly humbled and overwhelmed by the words of support from family, friends, fans and the public so far. Even from those who don’t share my beliefs, but enjoy Instagram content of my dog. If you want to join this journey with me to fight for the right to freedom of the sesh, please donate. Thank you and God bless.

Yes it may be an ad campaign from a company that promotes gambling, but Christ alive it’s a good Friday gag.

I went on GoFundMe to find the actual donation page, mainly because I was interested in which particular donation package would score me a ticket to Vegas to join in Dane’s adventure because doesn’t it sound fun.

However, such a page to donate to Dane does not exist on the site at this stage. And you know what: there’s plenty of other, very worthy, non-joke causes on GoFundMe to get behind. So why not chuck a more deserving cause a few bucks instead.

I promise that Dane and his millions of endorsement dollars will not mind.