Boomers “Completely Annihilated” By Serbia, Hopes Of Gold Medal Dashed

The Boomers have put in a fantastic effort in Rio this year, becoming the first ever Australian team to play in a gold medal match, but unfortunately, it wasn’t enough when they faced Serbia earlier today, and saw their hopes dashed in an 87-61 loss.
From the very beginning, the dominant Serbian side established a comfortable lead – they scored the first eight points of the game, and continued their lead to 35-14 at half time, further increasing their margin in the second half. 
Aussie basketball legend Andrew Gaze spoke to Channel 7 in the wake of the game, and praised the Boomers on their strong form throughout their medal campaign, while admitting that Serbia simply outshone them at the crucial moment. 
He told reporters:

“This has been a masterclass … They’ve done this to a high quality team that most people considered to be, based on their form throughout the tournament, the next best behind the United States, and they’ve completely and utterly annihilated the Australian team. There’s no other way to describe it. It’s a shame. Australia is a lot better than this. This is sport. You have these days some times. The ball doesn’t drop and things don’t work out and you’re up against an opponent who is ruthless, methodical and extremely talented.”
Later, on Twitter, Gaze said that the defeat was “tough to watch”, but encouraged supporters to get behind the team as they take on Spain for a bronze medal on Monday morning AEST.

The USA will now take on Serbia for the gold.
Source: News Corp.
Photo: Jamie Squire / Getty.