Ben Cousins Hands Himself Into Police Following Court-Issued Arrest Warrant

As a quick and reasonably brief follow-up to yesterday’s news that former AFL-player Ben Cousins had missed a scheduled court date, the embattled ex-Eagle and Tiger has handed himself into police in Perth after the Fremantle Magistrates Court issued a warrant for his arrest.

Cousins missed his scheduled court date yesterday to have charges heard over a March 11th incident in which he lead police on a slow-speed car chase for some 8km. Lawyers for Cousins asserted he was attending a “medical appointment,” but the courts were having none of that and demanded to see written proof.
After the 4pm deadline set by the courts passed and with no evidence of any appointment produced by Cousins or his legal team, the Magistrate issued a warrant for his arrest.
Cousins handed himself in to police at the Fremantle Police Station earlier this morning.
He has recently made headlines for a string of bizarre and disturbing incidents that have seen him apprehended by police on multiple occasions and seen him visit medical facilities to seek help for mental health issues on more than one occasion.
Ben Cousins has a long and well documented history with drug and alcohol abuse.

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Photo: Paul Kane via Getty Images.

via ABC News.