Ben Cousins Arrested Again After A Slow-Speed Police Chase

Ohhh boy. Ben Cousins, former AFL premiership player and Brownlow Medalist, has again found himself running afoul of the law after being arrested late last night in Western Australia.

The former West Coast and Richmond player was nabbed by Police after leading them on a slow-speed chase through Bicton at around 10:30pm last night. Cousins was allegedly spotted by police driving erratically along Preston Point Road, but when they attempted to pull over and stop Cousins, he continued to drive on at very slow speeds instead, running several red lights. It’s understood Cousins told police via the phone that he had a family emergency and couldn’t stop.

Cousins was eventually stopped in Mosman Park and arrested, before being taken to Fremantle Police Station. He was charged with reckless driving, failing to stop, and failing to submit to a breath test. He was released from Police custody on bail, and will appear in court on April 8th to hear his charges heard.

This, of course, is not even close to the first time Cousins has ran into trouble with the law. His AFL career, as accomplished as what it was, was dotted with numerous arrests which continued following his retirement in 2010. He has a long and extremely well-documented history of issues with drugs and alcohol, which has included several stints in rehabilitation facilities.
Photo: Paul Kane via Getty Images.