Russell Crowe And Local Basketball Fans Are Livid At Last Night’s AUS Vs USA Seats

Aussie basketball fans including Russell Crowe have been left steaming after last night’s exhibition match between the Boomers and Team USA at Melbourne’s Marvel Stadium, thanks to some, uh, interesting seating arrangements at the definitely-not-a-basketball-arena venue. 

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The game itself, which ran out 102-86 to the visitors, wasn’t the problem. Despite several key figures in both squads pulling out of the match to focus on preparations for the upcoming NBA season, the contest was a pretty decent showing. The end-to-end battle showcased the talents of basically every Aussie star not named Ben Simmons, including moments like this:

Team USA coach Gregg Popovich is even on the record as saying Australia played some “hellacious” offense.

Not “hellacious” was the seating arrangement for some of the 50,000 fans expected to turn up at the venue. Early fears for fan visibility were confirmed on the night when legions of fans struggled to see action on the raised court from their ground-level seats.

Rusty himself was among that number. Old mate took to Twitter to claim he probably would have been better off watching the action at home, despite forking out $1500 on a ticket.

Other media figures and fans alike expressed their frustrations online, sharing photos of their pretty ordinary sightlines.

Despite the waves of complaints, some fans said they were still impressed by the spectacle.

The seating drama comes afterthe Australian Competition and Consumer Commission confirmed it was aware of refunds being issued due to the no-shows of several AAA+ ballers used in advertising for the exhibition matches.

While it hasn’t been the smoothest start for the teams’ World Cup warmups, the squads will face off at Marvel Stadium again this Saturday. It remains to be seen if the seating arrangement changes dramatically before that clash, or if 50,000 people will just cram themselves in to the upper decks of the arena for a better view of Kyle Kuzma getting absolutely Jingled.