Australian Hurdler Becomes A Smiling Dancing Meme

Step aside Tatiana Grigorieva, there’s a new babe in Australian track and field and her name is Michelle Jenneke. The 19-year-old hurdler has shimmied her way into the hearts of athletics fans the world over after footage of her smiling, dancing pre-race ritual at a Barcelona track meet went viral. Watching Michelle AKA “Shelly” jigging and jazz-handing enthusiastically with such visible happiness is completely infectious. The fact she wins the race is just a bonus. Plus, her good looks and bouncing boobs provide excellent fodder for memes!

Watch the original race footage:

Now watch it in slow motion:

Here is a gif of her perfected shoulder-hip choreography:

Jazz hands:

The only person who is not a fan:

Gifs via Buzzfeed