Aussie Hurdler Sally Pearson Wins Female Athlete Of 2011

Straight talkin’ Australian hurdle champ Sally Pearson has been crowned Best Female Athlete Of The Year at the World Athletics Gala in Monaco yesterday.

Pearson is the first Australian female to ever be awarded the honour by the world governing body for athletics, the IAAF, something neither Cathy Freeman or Jana Pittman achieved during their successful careers. Probably because they aren’t completely unaffected delights like Sally Pearson.

After she won the womens 100m hurdles at the World Championships this September she was unashamedly stoked – and as the fastest running-jumping lady on two legs she should be. She endeared herself to the greater sports-watching public when the reporter asked Sally if she could believe that she won the World Championship race and honestly she replied: “you know what? I can.”

The Best Male Athlete Of 2011 was bestowed to Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt.

Via Herald Sun