Aussie Cyclist Richie Porte Injured In Horrific Crash During Tour De France

Aussie cyclist Richie Porte has crashed out of the Tour de France in one of the worst crashes in the race’s history, coming off his bike at 72.5km/h and skidding across the road.

The accident happened during the step and final descent of the ninth stage of the race, coming down Mont du Chat. He slipped off his bike during the treacherous descent and flew across the road, slamming into the back before being hit by Irishman Dan Martin.

He lay motionless for a few minutes before being fitted with a neck brace and transported to hospital.

BMC team doctor Max Testa said x-rays confirmed a non-displaced right clavicle fracture and a non-displaced right acetabulum fracture, adding that he “also suffered extensive superficial abrasions involving the right side of his body.”

“At this stage, the injuries will not require surgery,” he said. “The plan is to re-evaluate Richie tomorrow morning and confirm that he is stable enough to be transferred home.”

Porte is likely to spend four to six weeks off the bike and in recovery.

Martin, who was able to continue following the crash only to be involved in another one further down the road (he eventually finished the race), said that Porte was the victim of a slippery corner.

“Richie just lost it on one corner,” he said. “It is so slippery. I guess the organisers got what they wanted.”

The mountain hasn’t featured in the race since 1964. This crash has raised questions about why the dangerous stretch is now included in the race.

“I don’t think anybody wants to take risks down there,” continued Martin. “But it was so slippery under the trees. Richie just locked up his back wheel, went straight onto the grass, wiped out and then his bike just collected me. I had nowhere to go. I was very, very lucky to come away as lightly as I did.”

Martin’s team later shared an image of his damaged helmet on Twitter.

It looks like the crash damaged Martin’s front brake.

At the finish line, Porte’s teammate Nico Roche was still in shock. “Someone shouted out to me from the side of the road, ‘Richie crashed, Richie crashed’,” he said. “I didn’t want to believe it. At the moment he probably doesn’t want to believe this has happened.”

You can watch footage of the crash below, but please be aware that it’s a touch confronting.

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Photo: Chris Graythen / Getty.