Aussie Ben Simmons Named America’s Top High School Basketballer

Congratulations are in order for Aussie teenager Ben Simmons, who has just been awarded the honour of top high school basketball player in the United States. 
ABC News report that the 18-year-old Simmons, who led his Florida high school to back-to-back national championships, was officially named Morgan Wootten Player Of The Year at a ceremony overnight. 
He is understandably pretty stoked about the whole thing. “It’s definitely a big honour,” he said.

“And when you look at some of the former winners, such as LeBron James and the other great players, it just motivates me to work even harder.”

Under NBA rules, Simmons will need to complete at least one year of college before joining a professional team. He’ll be attending Louisiana State University later this year, and is being touted as a top draft pick in 2016.
With Chris Hemsworth crushing it on Saturday Night Live and now this, our takeover of America’s belived institutions is almost complete. Well done, Ben!

Photo: Sanra Mu via Getty Images