ANZ Stadium Prepares For QLD Stampede, Switches Beer Taps To XXXX Gold

Supply and demand works like this: if demand goes up, so will supply and, this weekend, approximately 30,000 Queenslanders are set to descend on ANZ Stadium and demand – nay, require – a cold and frothy XXXX Gold.

Yup, it’s the historic QLD vs QLD NRL decider this weekend, and thanks to logistical fuckery, the Brisbane Broncos and the North Queensland Cowboys will be facing off against each other at ANZ Stadium. (Or, y’know, something about ANZ Stadium already being booked.)

Since Queenslanders can’t seem to function at a sporting event without a XXXX permanently fused to their hand, ANZ Stadium has reconfigured about 70% of its 288 beer taps to Gold.

The 50,000 NSW fans who are expected to attend will just have to deal.

This is obviously VERY IMPORTANT NEWS.

You stay classy, Australia. 

Image: Cameron Spencer via Getty Images.
via Daily Telegraph.