A 17-year-old British racing driver has had both legs amputated after a horror crash which was described as “one of the most horrific crashes motorsport has seen”.

Billy Monger‘s car collided with a Finnish rival’s during a British F4 race at Donnington Park on Sunday. Onboard footage indicates Monger ran into the back of Patrik Pasma‘s stationary vehicle, after which he was trapped in the car for an hour and a half. Pasma was almost entirely unharmed.
F4 officials say Monger is currently in a critical, but stable condition. They confirmed that his legs have been amputated. “Due to the injuries sustained and despite every effort, Billy has sadly had both lower legs amputated,” they said in a statement.
“He has been kept in an induced coma while undergoing surgery, from which he is expected to be woken in the next few days.”

Monger’s family have been seeking donations to assist with the “care, treatments and therapies” associated with his recovery. By the morning after, they had received 302,000 pounds ($AU515,000). 

“Struggling for budget Billy has fought his way into top-flight motorsport, however, we now need your kindness and support to help give Billy and his family the best chance to fight these injuries that will affect Billy’s life so massively.”

Source: Daily Telegraph.
Photo: Facebook.