Thirsty Aussies Are Tindering 700% More Than Usual This Mardi Gras Week

Australia has been really getting into the Mardi Gras spirit of things – and we don’t just mean diving headfirst into a giant vat of glitter.

Tinder has seen a 700% increase in swipes this week, a.k.a. the week leading up to the iconic Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade.

Now, increases around this time aren’t unusual. Last year, the dating app of choice for the thirsty millennial saw a modest 200% increase, but 700%?!

What’s going on, Australia? Y’all recently break-up with someone or what?

And look, at least 15% of the entire Australian population is on Tinder, so this is not some tiny number getting blown out by a few more bored and toey people opening the app.
(Here’s me.) 

Whatever the reason, we are here for it. Go forth and swipe, you horndogs. 

And if you ARE in Sydney and heading to Mardi Gras this weekend, keep an eye out for the kiss cam for maximum smooching.

Photo: Brendon Thorne / Getty.