Here Are A Bunch Of Cute & Creepy Love Declarations If You’re Feeling Super Single Post-V-Day

In this day and age, it’s easy to think that love is dead. Rather than Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You-levels of romance, we’re resigned to crappy dates and swiping right on people who can’t even commit to a job let alone another human. 

But on the bright side, it’s never been easier to capture someone’s attention. Take, for example, DoorDash’s new ‘Delivering Love’ campaign. 

Throughout the ad breaks of everyone’s favourite reality series, Married At First Sight, nine real Australians are delivering messages of love to special people in their lives. From telling a BFF that they actually love them to an actual proposal (?!), tune into MAFS on Sunday through to Wednesday nights to see romance play out during the ad breaks. 

After seeing the declarations on our free-to-air screens, we thought we’d dig up some more of the wildest and sweetest messages of love. Because love can’t really be dead, right?

Jackie, 21, They/Them, VIC

On my trip to South Korea with my sister, we stayed at a hostel where a guy asked if I was single. I tentatively said yes and he typed something into his Korean translation app. He showed me the screen that read “I have been in love with you since the moment I laid my eyes on you.”

The whole time my sister was asleep right next to me. I told him that it was really nice of him but I lived halfway across the world. He was really nice about it. I left very early the next morning so I didn’t have to see him.

Tiff, 22, She/Her, VIC

I was in the UK (Brighton) on a trip between uni semesters. To save money, I booked a four-person dorm at this local hostel with my two other friends hoping we’d low-key end up with a room to ourselves because it wasn’t very busy. Upon entering, we immediately knew that wouldn’t be the case because someone else’s stuff was already there. 

Turns out it belonged to an Italian guy, who later yelled out our names from the street below (FULL ON Rapunzel-style) to reveal a heart-shaped pizza that he’d made for us at work (the local pizza joint). He hoped one of us would go out on a date with him. Spoiler alert: none of us did, but hey, it’s still one of the wildest declarations of love I have ever seen, especially considering we’d only just met.

Ellie, 27, She/Her, NSW

Back in my more sentimental days, I had a hot streak of telling my friends I loved them by buying this book about great women in history. I’d print out a pic of a friend and stick it on the inside cover with a little blurb about why I love them and why they’re great before giving them the book.

Now, I barely respond to texts! Looking back on this, it’s made me realise I need to bring back that kind of dedication to showing people how much they mean to me.

Ben, 24, He/Him, VIC

At Haim at Laneway Festival, Este was talking to the audience asking who wanted to make out with her. A couple behind me were hooting and hollering telling each other how they both want to make out with Este. Then, the man got on his knee and proposed to his partner out of nowhere. She said yes and the two lovingly embraced.

We thought it was a meme and started clapping, and then she showed us the ring and we all lost our minds while Haim went on to play ‘Gasoline’.

Ashleigh, 28, She/Her, NSW

My boyfriend and I met in lockdown when we were both living in London, so we got to know each pretty quickly compared to usual dating methods. Roughly three months after our first date, I had a job offer to move back to Australia which I ended up taking and he decided he would move with me despite never having been here before.

By May, I was in hotel quarantine and it took until the following January, when borders reopened, for him to join me. So for a while we were doing long distance for longer than we had been dating let alone known each other. But now we are very happy and I am so thankful he made the wild choice to come with me!

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