Wild Secrets Is After Queer Folks To Test Sex Toys So Here’s How To Get Yr Bussy In The Ring

You know what’s fun? Having a maz. You know what’s even more fun? Getting paid to do it.

Yeah, you heard me. You could get paid to get off, my friends.

Basically, the dildo Lords over at Wild Secrets have a sex toy-testing gig up for grabs. Talk about a dream job.

There is already one tester, Carly Sophia, on deck to try a tonne of goodies out, but after hitting the streets at Sydney WorldPride and hearing how much the queer community loved their ~work~, Wild Secrets wanted to add an LGBTQIA+ tester onto the team too. We love to see it.

Sadly, it’s not a full-time gig (if only that job existed), it’s more like being a sexy freelancer. You’d get paid to whip up product reviews each month after doing your ~research~ on the toys. All from the comfort of your own place!

All you have to do to throw your bussy in the ring is mosey on over to Wild Secrets, chuck your details into an application and say why you’re a good fit — explain you’ve done your 10,000 hours, it’s all been coming to this etc etc.

You’ll then need to write a cheeky little sample review about a toy you already own — should be a piece of bloody cake if you fancy yourself a sex toy connoisseur?

Anyway, good luck horndogs! If you’re not interested in writing the reviews, you can give them a squiz over here instead to suss which toy might be up your alley.