TEST YOURSELF: 1 In 10 Australians Are Hiding An STI From Their Partner

Apparently, one in ten Australians have hidden a sexually transmitted infection from their partner, and let us be the first (ish) to say: don’t do that.

Condom company Durex commissioned an independent study into the sex lives of 1000 sexually active Australians, finding that – shock horror – we’re not all that great when it comes to sexual health.

Apart from the 200 people who hid an STI from their partner (GUYS! SOME OF THEM ARE SYMPTOMLESS AND THEN TURN AROUND TO FUCK UP YOUR FERTILITY!), a further one in five dating-but-single people have no idea if they’ve contracted one or not, because they’ve never been tested.

The study also found that 75 percent of people who had contracted an STI confirmed they’d got it from someone they didn’t expect. Lotta interesting ways to interpret this data. Does this mean 25 percent of people went “Ah yep, now that I think about it, they mentioned something about chlamydia”?

Durex Sexologist Juliet Allen says that communication is key, which is what every advice columnist has been saying since the dawn of advice columns but is still worth listening to.

“Being open, honest and authentic before, during and after sex is essential. This includes having healthy conversations about STI’s and the use of condoms. Yes, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment, but there’s nothing sexier than an individual who can confidently communicate what they need and desire to feel safe and protected during sex!”

While we mostly agree, gotta take issue on the “nothing sexier” bit. Did Allen not *see* Winston Duke in Black Panther?

The moral of this story is, of course: to get tested, use protection, and communicate with your partner. STIs aren’t the end of the world or make you any less worthy of love, but hiding one from your partner puts them at risk of long-term health issues (if left untreated) like difficulty urinating, urethral damage and fertility damage (to any set of sexual organs). Just buck up and have the talk.

Elsewhere, the Durex Great Aussie Sex Survey also found that the average Australian has sex twice a week, and 11 sexual partners in their lifetime.

Take from that what you will.