Facebook Dating Is Now A Dedicated App If You Wanna Take Poking To The Next Level

Well, it’s finally happening – Facebook is dipping its toes into the dating game, launching the very-cleverly-and-originally-named Facebook Dating in the US from today.

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Basically the same format as every other dating app out there, where you ‘like’ a person’s profile to show interest in a match, Facebook Dating also lets you interact with a person’s Instagram posts (just on the dating app, not a cross-app interaction, thank God) and see if you’ve got any friends in common.

It also lets you form something called a ‘Secret Crush’ list, where I think you can put a few actual friends you have on Facebook or Instagram into a secret list that will then bring them up into your dating pool, so if there’s someone you’re thirst-trapping on Insta, you can shoot your shot on the dating platform.

Unless someone you’re mates with on FB is in your Secret Crush list, the app won’t put your Facebook friends in your feed. Which is good because you really don’t want your cousin to come up on there. That’d be weird.

My question: who’s this ‘Jim Knuckles’ and can I match with him? I have a feeling he’d be a tender lover.

Because The Zuck also owns Instagram, the dating app will eventually mash the two together more than just being able to put your feed in your profile. Facebook has confirmed that you’ll be able to put your Insta stories into your profile, which I’m sure is well and good until you accidentally post a story of yourself doing something deeply embarrassing and plum forget that it’s more than just your followers who can see it.

I wonder what Jimmy Knuckles’ Insta game is like. I reckon he’d be a mix of wholesome dog content, weekend hiking, cooking food at home, and maybe playing footy on the weekend. The odd tattoo post in there too, maybe.

Don’t hate me, Top 8 me.

Facebook Dating has also taken safety into account with the app, and you’ll be able to share details of potential dates with someone you trust through FB Messenger – in case you need that ~emergency call~ to get out of a shitty date. It also won’t allow people to send pictures, videos, or bank details (???) in the chat, which is probably for the best.

What do you think Jimothy Knuckles is like on a date? I reckon he’d take you somewhere nice-but-not-too-fancy for dinner, would actively listen to your talk, order a mid-range wine from the menu, be really nice to the wait staff, and then let you split the bill if you wanted to. Do you think Jimeny Knuckles would smooch on the first date? I reckon he would.

Facebook Dating is rolling out in the US right now, and is also active in 19 other countries including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Guyana, Mexico, the Philippines, Thailand, Uruguay, and Vietnam, with plans to expand to Europe next year.

While we’re yet to see it rolled out in Australia, we’ll let you know as soon as that happens.

I’ll also be putting Jim Knuckles on my Secret Crush list immediately.