Dumped Teen Photoshops Ryan Reynolds Into Prom Pics & He Froths It

Thanks to 21st century technology, the usual post-getting-dumped ritual of burning every photo that exists of you and your ex whilst crying into your doona and listening to Jewel, has been replaced with the, arguably much more fun approach, of simply photoshopping the shit out of them to your broken heart’s content.

Pictured: a classic 90s-era breakup.
A couple of clicks and that pic of you and the guy who just shat all over your soul is now you and a shirtless Zac Efron. That selfie of you and Fuckhead Mcgee from that winery tour? Presto photoshoppo and it’s now you and ‘Twins‘-era Danny DeVito. The choices are literally endless.
One such broken heart is Twitter user Gabi Dunn, who, after entering Splitsville, put her photoshopping prowess to good use and ‘shopped ‘Deadpool‘ mega-stud Ryan Reynolds into her recent prom photos.

No it’s not the most flawless or pristine examples of photoshopping around, but the girl’s going through some shit right now so give her a fucking break would you?

One person who thoroughly enjoyed it however was Reynolds himself, who re-tweeted the pic to his 5.6 million followers, where it has rightfully gone off chops.

You heard the man. Don’t mess with Gabi. She’s a photoshopping maniac yo! She’ll straight up superimpose an insanely handsome man over your face without hesitation.

Onya Gabs.

Photo: Twitter / Gabi Dunn.