Let Demi Lovato School You On The Art Of Instagram Thirst Trapping

Being thirsty on Instagram. We’ve all done it.

Maybe you upload your sex-eyed selfies on Sunday nights at 7pm for maximum traffic. Perhaps you make sure a little bitta titty is showing in your Instastory. Do you wait a few hours before creeping on your crush’s story, just to make them feel the burn?

Potentially you do all of these things and more, and that would make you an a thirst trap of the highest order.

Which is exactly what Demi Lovato is.

The 25-year-old American singer has proved her Instagram stunting skills are second to none in a recent internet-based interaction with sexy ‘Superman’ hunk, Henry Cavill.

It all started when Lovato started following Cavill on the app. (Dog bless the ‘Following’ page.)

Mere seconds after committing to the follow (a big step considering she follows only 360 people) she shared a racy photograph of herself in white lingerie, giving the camera a sultry, smize-heavy stare:


This was just the beginning of her master plan.

She went on to like a whopping 2 (!!) of Cavill’s recent posts. Don’t pretend that isn’t a big deal. A ‘follow’ chased up by a ‘like’ is akin to chasing a Double Black Cruiser with a litre of Little Fat Lamb. It’s dangerous… and we love it.

Tweeter Tyler Oakley was quick to spy this parched interaction, calling out Lovato’s obvious “strategy”:

Thankfully, Cavill stayed true to his Superhero roots and came to the rescue, quenching Lovato’s thirst with a moisture-boosting ‘like’ and a ‘comment’. No one leaves Lovato in the corner!

He commented on a recent, admittedly modest photograph of the ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ singer, writing “This is awesome! Nice one Miss Lovato! [thumbs up emoji]”:

We ship this.

Here’s hoping Cavill will take a leaf out of Soulja Boy‘s book and do some Supermannin’.