Score Yourself $1000 For Having The Best Tinder Bio, You Cunning Linguist

Having been trailing along the single road for quite some time now, Tinder has been instrumental in figuring out what the hell is actually out there because hoo boy, finding it in real life is a shitfight. But folks, if there’s one thing that will make me swipe left hard enough to fling my phone, flipping top over tail in the air, it’s the lack of a bio.


Or, failing that, the lack of a GOOD bio. You know how you can get swiping and there’s just an abundance of people with just their height and Instagram account? Maybe even just some awkward dating variation of a ‘live, laugh, love’ quote that’s been recycled so many times that if I had a dollar for every time I saw one, I’d be able to afford to take my own damn self out?

So the good folk at Tinder are trying to help out singles like yours truly by rewarding the folks who take their bio game seriously. These are the underdogs, those rare profiles with bios so good you can’t help but swipe right. Prove to us that your Tinder bio game is up to snuff and you could win $1000 to use on creating the ultimate date night with your lucky match.

If you think your bio is up to snuff, prove it. And if not? Save the rest of the world from gazing upon your empty profile, bearing only a flag and a coffee emoji. There’s a world of possibility out there, friend, and you’re limiting your options by making your profile as naked as you’d like to be one day with your potential matches.

Maybe you’ve come up with a god-tier pun that has garnered you bulk matches, or maybe you’ve just waxed lyrical in a way that makes everyone whose eyes fall on your profile also fall in love. Maybe you’re like me and you’ve accidentally challenged everyone you meet into an epic pizza eating battle (not mad though, I always win).

Either way, let us know and you’ll be in the running to treat your date with the night of a lifetime, and forever be immortalised by getting your 10/10 profile featured right here on PTV, you superstar wordsmith you.

You could be off in a helicopter ride for an evening, or treating your date to a nine-course degustation meal in a fancy AF restaurant. You may even jet-set off for a weekend if you’re feeling flighty.

For the icing on the cake, the winner (and four lucky runner-ups) will score a Tinder Gold membership in order to swipe happy and feel extra fancy. That means you’ll have access to all the cool features you’re currently missing, and can take advantage of all that single life has to offer.

Good as gold, I say.