First of all, Kylie Jenner has been pregnant for basically a century now.

A Just-Announced ‘KUTWK’ Episode Is Basically Confirming Kylie’s Pregnant

Now – remain calm, but the end might be in sight.

Fans have found (via Wikipedia, of all places) that an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is titled ‘We’re expecting‘.

A Just-Announced ‘KUTWK’ Episode Is Basically Confirming Kylie’s Pregnant

For those of you playing along at home, both Kim and Khloé‘s pregnancies have already been addressed. Kim announced that her surrogate was pregnant in episode 10, ‘Baby One More Time‘, and Khloé announced her pregnancy news in episode 14, ‘Bun In The Oven‘.

Now, unless Kendall Jenner is the dark horse of this season and is about to announce she’s pregnant with Blake Griffin‘s child, it’s GOT to be Kylie. Right? RIGHT?

I swear to god if this bitch doesn’t announce soon I’m going to get a hernia.

The episode doesn’t air until February 25, so we’ve still several weeks to wait – and a few KUTWK teasers – to get through. But fellas, ladies, my comrades: the end is almost here.

And apparently, the pregnancy reveal will also mark Kylie’s return to social media. She’s been hiding for months, save for a few careful sightings and an appearance in a Calvin Klein ad with a goddamn blanket thrown over her belly.

Kylie, sweetie. WE CAN SEE YOU.

A source recently told ET:

“Kylie has been chilling at home for the most part and just living her best life. She has really enjoyed this time away from the spotlight. It’s the first time she can remember in her entire life not being followed by cameras and she’s just trying to enjoy this privacy [and] she’s definitely not going to deny that she’s had a baby, or continue to evade questions about it all.

“This isn’t a permanent thing. As soon as the baby is born, she will make an announcement and introduce the baby to her fans. She will also address the fact that she went ‘dark’ on social media and in the public.”

One day, we’ll all look back on this and laugh. We’ll sheepishly giggle, asking each other, “Hey, remember when we were so invested in whether or not the younger one was pregnant?” We’ll laugh, remembering a time when the trivial seemed so very important, before returning to scavenging for food in the nuclear wasteland.

Image: Instagram / Kylie Jenner